Function and tasks

ESTI is responsible for the technical supervision and inspection of electrical installations throughout Switzerland in accordance with the Ordinance on the Federal Inspectorate for Heavy Current Installations (SR 734.24). Furthermore, ESTI is managed as an autonomous and independent division of Electrosuisse. ESTI keeps its own accounts and is supervised by DETEC.

The tasks assigned to ESTI are:

  • Supervision and inspection of the construction, operation and maintenance of electrical installations
  • Approval of low- and high-voltage systems
  • Approval of low-voltage products in accordance with the NEV
  • Granting general and restricted installation permits in accordance with the NIV
  • Granting inspection permits
  • Maintaining a public directory of installation and inspection permits
  • Implementing the inspections required to obtain restricted installation permits in accordance with the NIV
  • Requesting the submission of the safety report
  • Investigating and statistically documenting accidents and damage events in connection with electrical installations
  • Acknowledging the equivalence of foreign electro-technical professional qualifications
  • Investigating reports concerning potential punishable violations of the NIV
  • Enforcing periodic inspections
  • Assisting with legislation on electrical installations

Supervisory and regulatory tasks assigned to ESTI

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Last edition: 01.06.2021