Inspection work is carried out according to the Electricity Act (EleG) and the relevant implementing ordinances such as the Heavy Current Ordinance, the Ordinance on Low-Voltage Installations (NIV), the Electric Line Ordinance (LeV), the Low Current Ordinance, etc.

  • Supervision of and support for inspection bodies (Art. 26 NIV), network operators and holders of replacement permits (Art. 34 para. 1 NIV)
  • Monitoring of holders of limited installation permits (Art. 13, 14, 15 NIV)
  • Acceptance and periodic inspections of high-voltage installations such as lines and transformer stations as well as power stations, substations and power generation plants for public and private power supplies in accordance with the plan approval documents
  • Inspection and monitoring of special installations as per Art. 34 para. 2 NIV
  • In disputed cases, decides whether electrical installations comply with the regulations
  • Investigates accidents involving persons or property, arranges for measures to be taken and compiles annual statistics

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Last edition: 22.02.2024