Swiss household plug and socket system as per SN 441011

Swiss standard SN 441011 (previous SN SEV 1011, withdrawal 28.02.2022) defines the requirements for plugs and socket-outlets for household and similar purposes, multiway and intermediate adaptors, cord extension sets, cord extension sets with multiple portable socket-outlets, travel adaptors and fixed adaptors. The Swiss system is extended by plugs and socket-outlets with the degree of protection IP55. This system is dust protected (IP5X) and water jet protected (IPX5). For appliances mainly used at locations requiring an increased IP protection (> IP21), an IP55 plug shall be fitted. For example for appliances for construction sites, for agricultural and gardening establishments and for all appliances for outdoor use. This also applies to the fixed socket-outlet IP55 on the exterior house wall or in the building site power distribution cabinet, This standard clearly specifies the relevant products for the Swiss market, thereby reliably covering electrical safety and user requirements.

Downloadable documents

Transition periods for the standard series SN 441011

Specifications for the SN 441011 series of standards and for the IP55 plug and socket-outlet system

Information sheet SEV 1011 - socket outlet/plug/portable socket outlet


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Last edition: 01.06.2021