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With the Swiss Safety Mark in full conformity with the Ordinance for Electrical Low-Voltage Products (NEV), the manufacturer that places a low-voltage electrical product on the market indicates to the consumer that they comply with the legal regulations on electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility.

Register of valid authorizations of the Swiss safety mark certificate S+

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  • Issuing the Swiss safety mark in accordance with NEV (Ordinance for Electrical Low-Voltage Products) on application from manufacturers or vendors in Switzerland and abroad based on attestations of conformity or test reports from accredited testing bodies or international certificates.
  • The safety mark corresponds to Certification Category 2 (type testing and market surveillance).
  • We are the accredited certification body for electrical products in conformance with NEV (Accreditation Number SCESp 0033) according to ISO/IEC 17065:2012.

The voluntary safety mark S+ is, especially current day, of immense value

Users of the voluntary safety mark include design engineers, manufacturers, and vendors of electrical goods of all kinds for domestic, leisure time, trade, industrial and commercial use. Finished products for all end-users must conform to NEV requirements in the same way as components that are integrated to produce an end-product. This includes meeting the criteria of conformance with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC).
The significance of the S+ is ultimately in the customer's interest, as well as the manufacturer and distributors, based on quality and the safety concept. These are two aspects that have lost none of their meaning or value to date.

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Information concerning the documents required for the safety mark

Fees for authorization procedures for the safety mark regarding electric low voltage

Obligations of the holder of the authorization for the Swiss safety mark

Certification with the safety mark

Digital Certificates Swiss Safety Mark S+

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Last edition: 04.01.2024